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  • Jean Zaru

Risking: To Live as Children of God

While seeking opens us to the possibily of transformation and the reign of God, it also most certainly involves risk.

In the book of James, we are reminded: " not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word; instead, put it into practice." (1:22)

Putting it into practice, living as children of God, seeking transformation --it's all risky buisness. When we translate our hope and our love into action, there will be risk. Yet, it will always be a spiritual risk worth taking. And what about our non-action? When we choose the path of inaction, will that non-action risk too much? What if our staying put means that the domination system is left unchallenged? And do we ever (with good intention, of course) keep doing, when the doing no longer contributes to the greater good?

Indeed, seeking peace involves action which, in turn, involves a risk we cannot always calculate before hand. Let us, neverthless, challenge each other to 'put it into practice' by mobilizing our inner strength and, in like ways, mobilize groups of people tasked with the risky buisness of transforming the inevitable internal, interpersonal, intergroup and even international conflict that is part of human life. And let us do so not around fear, anger or blame, nor out of guilt or shame.

If we are to be wise risk takers, we must re-invent our strategies. I believe this is the moment to engage the possibility of moving people to act out of hope and in the service of what they love. "By the tender mercy of our our feet into the way of peace." (Luke 1:78-79).

Our feet walk the way of peace when we take risks toward inward transformation that lead to outward action. And our feet also walk the way of peace when we take risks in the form of outward action that transform us inwardly. We may underestimate ourselves and imagine that we are not important enough to have an impact for peace. Similarly, we may trick ourselves into thinking that we are way too busy to walk down this path. Yet, risking for peace is a blessed obligation that we all share --and a truth that will set us free.

Query: What helps you overcome your fear of what might happen it you were to take more risks for the sake of peace and truth?

Texts: Psalm 85:10; John 8:31-32

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