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Occupied With Nonviolence (English Edition)

By Jean Zaru

Jean Zaru, the longtime activist and Quaker leader from Ramallah, here brings home the pain and central convictions that animate Christian nonviolence and activity today.
Zaru vividly paints the complex realities faced by all parties in Palestine - Jews and Muslims and Christians, Israelis and Palestinians, women and men. Yet even as Zaru eloquently names the common misunderstandings of the history, present situation, and current policies of the parties there, she vividly articulates an alternative: a religiously motivated nonviolent path to peace and justice in the world's most troubled region.

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Occupied With Nonviolence (French Edition)


This edition was released in May 2016 by Friends of Sabeel in France.

Occupied With Nonviolence (Swedish Edition)

This edition has been required reading in theological schools across Sweden, but it currently out of print. Please contact the Diocese of Lund to request a reprint.

The Resonance of our Footsteps

By Mai Zaru

This book is a collection of poems written by Young Friend and Ramallah Meeting member, Mai Zaru, who has lived all her life under Israeli occupation. The poems aim to provide a vivid image for the world to see the physical, economic, environmental and spiritual pain that Palestinians endure constantly. Throughout the author is constantly looking to follow the resonance of hope.

Available on Kindle and through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Mai Zaru Book
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