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An Interpretation of Quakerism (Arabic)


"The Light Within, which is the central Quaker idea, is no abstract phrase. it is an experience. it is a type of religion that turns away from arid theological notions and that insists instead upon a real and vital experience of God revealed to persons in their own souls, in their own personal lives."

Friends Spiritual Message.png

Friends Spiritual Message (Arabic)

If we consider the spiritual message of the Society of Friends apart from its social message, we must realize that “spiritual” and “social” are as intimately related as the two sides of a door; you can’t have one without the other. However, as in the case of a door, it is possible to concentrate attention on one side or the other. We can think of the “spiritual” as primarily concerned with our relation to our God and the “social” as primarily concerned with our relation to our fellows. Each is dependent on the other.

Quaker Peace Testimony.jpg

Quaker Peace Testimony (Arabic)

"Ask anyone, Quaker or otherwise, about the essential beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends and chances are you will hear something about Friends historic peace testimony. "Quakers don't fight in wars" is something specific that people can say about this peculiar sect which steadfastly refuses to be defined by creed or dogma." 

Mai Zaru Book
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